by James E. McDonald

Dr. McDonald's legacy of UFO literature includes no books but, rather, many monographs prepared for his lectures to professional organizations, and to federal agencies and hearings.  The following list is not exhaustive but representative:

  1. "UFOs -- Unsolved: A Scientific Challenge", for 10 June 1969 NICAP talk in Washington at Presidential Arms

  2. "A Dissenting View of the Condon Report", for 12 February 1969 talk before Scientific Research Society of America in Wilmington, DE

  3. "Impact of UFOs on the National Space Program", for 1968-1969 AIAA Visiting Lecturer Series

  4. "Does Congress Have a Responsibility to Investigate the UFO Problem?", for 3 June 1968 luncheon talk before Burro Club in Rayburn House Office Building

  5. "UFOs -- Atmospheric or Extraterrestrial?", for 31 May 1968 talk before Chicago chapter of American Meteorological Society

  6. 30 January 1968 talk before Baltimore Chapter of AIAA

  7. "Science, Technology, and UFOs", for 26 January 1968 general seminar at United Aircraft Research Laboratories, East Hartford, CT

  8. Press statement 10 December 1967 responding to Soviet scientist Felix Ziegel's plea for "a joint effort of all scientists of the world" to determine the nature of UFOs

  9. "UFOs: Greatest Scientific Problem of Our Times?", for American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, D.C., 22 April 1967

  10. "The UFO Phenomenon -- A New Frontier Awaiting Serious Scientific Exploration", in Arizona Daily Wildcat, 6 April 1967

  11. "The Problem of the Unidentified Flying Objects", for talk 19 October 1966 before District of Columbia Chapter of American Meteorological Society