Ambient Monitoring Project

The UFO Research Coalition initiated a search for environmental traces of abductions.  The working hypothesis is that physical changes must occur during a real abduction event.  The Coalition provides a device, about the size of a woman's makeup case, that is placed in the participating abductee's home and left there four to six months.  It continuously records 15 ambient-environment parameters and stores the information, which is then uploaded daily by telephone to the project computer.  The participant keeps a daily journal of experiences related to the abduction phenomenon.  At the end of the data collection period, project researchers compare the journal and physical data to see what was recorded at those times when the participant thinks an abduction, or similarly odd event, may have occurred.  As of June 2003, the project had completed 13 full data collections of four months or more, and expects to publish results when analysis is complete.  Interested volunteers can contact Tom Deuley, Project Engineer, at, (210) 804-0552, or 2827 Sir Phillip Drive, San Antonio, TX  78209.  See MUFON UFO Journal, July 2008, 483, pgs.3-7, 15.  See also Katharina Wilson's Letter to the Editor contesting Deuley's statement of no evidence for outside interference during recording attempts; MUFON UFO Journal, October 2008, 486, pg 13.