Crop Circles

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Vallée, as early as 1969, conjectured in Passport to Magonia, pg. 160, about the UFO phenomenon in general: "Some superior intelligence has been projecting into our environment...various artificial objects whose creation is a pure form of art.  Perhaps it enjoys our puzzlement, or perhaps it is trying to teach us some new concept.  Perhaps it is acting in a purely gratuitous effort, and its creations are as impossible for us to understand as is the Picasso sculpture in Chicago to the birds that perch on it..."

Skeptics still attribute crop circles to hoaxers with wooden planks and ropes, but this does not address the facts:

» sudden appearance overnight; e.g., see next paragraph

» sheer size; many formations are hundreds of meters across and thousands of square meters in area

» geometrical precision; obvious from aerial photographs.  If a circle is updated later, the changes are applied in precise registration with the original.  E.g., Wanborough Plain near Liddington, Wiltshire, July 1, 2012 updated July 21, 2012

» energy magnitude; mature stems of corn (maize), e.g., are 2 m tall and 10x as thick as wheat but are pressed into distinct designs

» energy type: crop stem node changes imply the applied forces are non-mechanical and perhaps electromagnetic; see next paragraph


Crop circle formation affects the living cells of plants.  Scientists observe heating and swelling, after the incident, and conclude that formation must happen very quickly.  Otherwise the heat would incinerate the field, especially toward the end of season, when the crop has already started drying out.  On July 6, 2007 three investigators set up a night-vision video camera at East Field, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.  At 3:13 AM, July 7, 2007, after having seen no activity nor circle in the field since carefully checking at 1:35 AM, they recorded a silent flash like sheet lightning, lasting a mere four milliseconds, but illuminating the valley.  Through the camera they then saw the outline of a large formation, afterwards recognized as the Hindu Om.  Visitors entering the field about 4:00 AM reported the texture of the wheat was "like walking on glass".  The formation was over 330 m long and contained over 150 components.  Sources: WCCSG, Crop Circle Calendar 2008; CIUFOR Awareness, November 2007, 29 1, pg. 15.

2008 activity: for England, 80% of all formations appeared within a 50 km long area between Devizes, Wiltshire and Wantage, Oxfordshire.  See the map below.  All circles were within 8 km of the ancient Ridgeway (dashed red line).  Possibly there were circles elsewhere in the U.K., but they are not spotted unless close to roads.  As late as September, complex formations appeared even as combines were harvesting the fields.  The final design in the U.K., appearing September 28, 2008, was a huge stretch of circles and passageways measuring over 200 m across., a British entity, has details, daily updates, investigation reports, commentary, and aerial photos.  The statistics here are from that source.  Requires membership and password to access the archives for previous years.  E.g., the large Om formation in 2007 at East Field, mentioned at left.

Additional sources: CIUFOR Awareness, November 2008, 29 4, pgs. 15 – 22 (review article by Geoff Ambler).  The map is courtesy of

Circles Reported
England -- U.K., 2008

April 1
May 3
June 10
July 25
August 21
September 6

Crop Circle Statistics, 2008

Geopolitical Circles Reported
England – U.K. 66  
  County   Subtotal
  Wilts   53
  Oxon   3
  Hants   2
  Cornwall, Warwicks, Bucks, Essex, Beds, Tyne & Wear, Yorks, Suffolk   1 each
Italy 14  
Germany 14
Switzerland 6
France 5
Canada 5
Czech Rep 3
Poland 3
Brazil 2
Netherlands 2
South Korea 1
Subtotal Excluding U.K.: 57