Druffel's Abductee Classification

In her study of techniques used to resist abducting aliens, Ann Druffel divided the abductees into six groups with these characteristics in the individual:

  1. Rational, honest, and socially-productive, without ulterior motives, benefiting from reassurance and support, and eventually assimilating the abduction experience with minimal anxiety

  2. Apparently reporting real events but more traumatized, becoming dependent on support, although recognizing this and attempting to recover

  3. Extremely damaged, consistently neurotic, not benefiting from support, although content of the abduction report is consistent with those from people in (1) and (2), and possibly equally valid

  4. Apparently psychotic, probably hallucinating; story extremely complex with new detail continually emerging, although core experience may be valid; essentially a "psychic vampire" constantly seeking support and, above all, belief

  5. Hoaxer prank-playing or pathologically needing attention

  6. Fully rational, truthful, and productive, reporting consistently with (1) through (3) but able to interrupt the abduction and prevent later reoccurrence