The Holocaust Vis--Vis UFO

A legal trial titled "[Mel] Murmelstein vs. Institute for Historical Review" was dramatized in a 1991 cable TV movie, Never Forget, staring Leonard Nimoy et al.  In the litigation, reality of the World War II Holocaust, in which six million Jews and other ethnic groups were killed by the Nazi government, became a recognized fact in a U.S. Court for the first time.  The court statement reads as follows and could equally apply verbatim to the question of reality of the UFO phenomenon:

"Under Code Sec. 4.5.2h, this court, responding to the overwhelming amount of documentary evidence, testimony of witnesses, victims, and even [official personnel], as well as the scholarship of historians of unquestioned authority, as well as the eyewitness evidence provided here [today], takes judicial notice that the fact is not reasonably subject to dispute, and is subject to immediate and accurate determination by resort to sources of reasonably indisputable accuracy -- it is simply a fact."

After formal apology and financial settlement with Mr. Murmelstein, the Institute for Historical Review still preaches that there were no gas chambers, and that the Holocaust never happened:

In any court of law, first-person testimony is enough to convict.  See Handbook of the Law of Evidence.  As commented by the British Detective Constable Gary Heseltine, creator of the Police Reporting UFOs database: "In any normal court of law, their testimonies would be accepted without question -- that is except if they mention a UFO!  Then all the rules of logic go completely out of the window."