What Are Aliens?

The short, grey entities commonly reported by abductees are the predominant species in close encounters.  They occupy and operate the UFO and execute the mission objectives of monitoring and processing selected humans.  Other species are reported: blond, "Nordic" types, sometimes seen alongside of Greys.  Less frequently, other witnesses describe a residue of bizarre, "monster" beings; e.g., the Puerto Rican chupacabra (goat sucker), reptilians, insectoids (human-size praying mantis), etc.  These may or may not appear in conjunction with a UFO sighting, and not always inside the UFO.  Greys seem to be corporal beings, with the mechanical trappings of technology -- their saucer, tools etc. -- but they also have a very spiritual nature -- "Our food is Knowledge tried by Fire" (The Andreasson Affair, pg. 27; cf. Dt 8:3: "Not by bread alone does man live, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of the Lord") -- along with marvelous powers like the ability to pass through solid surfaces -- walls, floors, ceilings -- even with abductees in tow.  Yogic practitioners associate this ability with calm abiding.  See also apparent alien ability to hold time in stasis.  Some of this magic may simply be advanced technology, or it may be reality transformation.

Greys have been explained as angels, in the Judeo-Christian view, but these usually take human form; e.g., Gn 18:2.  The private revelations of Betty Andreasson suggest an affinity between Greys and the Holy Spirit of Judeo-Christian theology: her abductors had a bird emblem on their uniform (The Andreasson Affair, pg. 25) and, as part of the abduction experience, she witnessed the legendary Phoenix bird consumed and reborn (pgs. 95-105).  At least one other case exists where a witness reported a bird emblem on the alien uniform (The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two, pg. 32).

A Vatican expert on UFOs offers reasons why Greys may be entities at a higher level than humans, but below the order of angels.  Islamic students of the UFO phenomenon may consider Greys to be the Jinn mentioned in the Qur'an.  Folklorists compare the Grey alien and Celtic fairy, and other strange beings of European folklore.  Paraphrasing How to Defend Yourself against Alien Abduction, pgs. 195-6, Greys, Jinn, and Celtic fairies in common are reported to:

  1. materialize and dematerialize at will, and otherwise violate known laws of physics, suggesting they are from an alternate reality

  2. appear generally a meter or so tall, shape-shifting occasionally to assume other forms

  3. read minds, harass and traumatize humans

  4. abduct humans and transport them long distances in a matter of seconds

  5. interact sexually with humans

Not all Greys seem benevolent.  Abductees are commonly told not to be afraid, and that they will not be harmed.  But the objectives and methods of an abduction violate our minds and bodies.  They are gravely immoral.  See, for example, Catechism 2377: "Life is not a commodity for manipulation -- production via donation of sperm or ovum, or use of a surrogate uterus; this dissociates procreation via husband and wife and betrays their right to become parents only through each other." 

Further reading: Passport to Magonia, and two articles by Chris Aubeck in MUFON UFO Journal: "Sexual activity not much different between 'devils' and modern alien entities" (May 2002, 409 pgs. 8-12); "Fairy folk and aliens, a perspective" (June 2002, 410 pg. 11).  See also the very humanoid entities photographed in the Lansing Movie.