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20 September 2016

FAQ: Is there such a thing as a ufologist?: MUFON Science Review Board

3 March 2016

FAQ: IAA; Intercontinental Aerospace Alliance

2 February 2015

FAQ: Don C. Donderi [and Samuel Johnson] on human experience contradicting theory

20 January 2015

Scientific Evidence for UFOs: R. V. Jones (British MI6 in WW II) and touchstones

20 January 2015

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: quotes by Samuel Johnson, Thomas Kuhn
20 January 2015 Distinguished Investigators: Richard H. Hall link to NICAP changed to Wikipedia article
3 March 2014 Introduction: advice to smartphone users

2 March 2014

FAQ: Strangest features of the reported objects -- truncated / bent light beams

23 February 2014

Oz Factor: two explicit examples of astro-alignment

6 December 2013

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: warning from Karl Popper on expecting strict proof
10 November 2013 Distinguished Investigators: date of birth
9 October 2013 FAQ: Black helicopters
9 October 2013 MUFON: mailing address

7 August 2013

Introduction: link to TerraServer Website changed to Microsoft Research Maps Website

7 August 2013

Crop Circles: Geometrical precision is also observed in updates

7 August 2013

FAQ: Strangest features of the reported objects

7 August 2013

Society for Scientific Exploration: mailing address

15 February 2013

Abduction Experience: Importance of recognizing paranormal aspect of the UFO phenomenon

3 September 2012

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: quote by Albert Einstein on Truth and Knowledge

4 June 2012

FAQ: USAF representatives asking witnesses to look at a book of UFO photographs

4 June 2012

Phoenix Lights: link to Tim Ley's blogspot

17 December 2011

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: Leon Festinger's introduction of the term "cognitive dissonance"

14 December 2011

Abduction Experience: Stuart Appelle's critical evaluation of theory and evidence as of 1996

29 August 2011

FAQ: Men in Black reference to Redfern's 2011 book

13 August 2011

Sighting Categorization: vehicle interference

13 August 2011

Where do UFOs come from?: possibility of completely human-looking aliens

15 May 2011

Oz Factor: astro-alignment as a direct feed to consciousness of the witness

19 September 2010

MUFON: mailing address

9 September 2010

NUFORC: mailing address

9 September 2010

Florida Scoutmaster sighting report: photo placements on page

24 August 2009

Where do UFOs come from?: extratemporal origin

18 July 2009

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: quote by Stephen E. Braude
19 May 2009 Sighting Categorization: altered states of consciousness definition added
17 May 2009 FAQ: Where do UFOs come from?: J. Allen Hynek's caution on temporal provincialism
27 February 2009 Abduction Experience: replaced obsolete FUFOR link to Thomas E. Bullard's 300 abduction cases
23 February 2009 Abduction Experience: interpretation of abduction-like experiences from DMT
14 February 2009 FAQ: Mexico's Roswell
13 February 2009 Ambient Monitoring Project: Katharina Wilson contesting Deuley's statement of no evidence for interference
12 February 2009 What Are Aliens?: yogic attainment of calm abiding
11 February 2009 Crop Circles: 2008 activity including map
11 August 2008 FAQ: Stephanie Kelley-Romano's report on Demographics and Beliefs of Alien Abduction Experiencers

11 August 2008

Ambient Monitoring Project: progress report

31 May 2008

The Vatican on UFO: opinion from Fr. JosÚ Gabriel Funes on intelligent extraterrestrial beings

28 April 2008

FAQ: PTSD (NIMH), Mary Rodwell's "Awakening", and ACERN

28 April 2008

Distinguished Investigators: Stanton T. Friedman and "Captured!", with Kathleen Marden

28 April 2008

Distinguished Investigators: updated link to FUFOR's NICAP Website

29 March 2008

Do you believe in UFOs?: Joan Woodward's "Animal Reactions to UFOs"

2 March 2008

What Are Aliens?: Vatican opinion: an entity between humans and angels

9 December 2007

CIUFOR: Internet address

9 December 2007

WCCSG: added to Notable UFO Organizations

9 December 2007

Crop Circles: rapid formation

9 December 2007

Distinguished Investigators: link to articles about the work of John E. Mack

27 November 2007

MUFON: mailing address

28 March 2007

Project Condign: link for FOI search of MOD files on UFO reports

11 February 2007

Crop Circles: BLT Research

11 February 2007

Table of Contents: Abduction (subtopics)

10 February 2007

MUFON: mailing address

4 October 2006

FAQ: Project Condign

4 September 2006

FAQ: The Abduction Experience

4 September 2006

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: quotes by Winston Churchill, David M. Jacobs, Max Planck

22 July 2006

Table of Contents: Scientific Evidence for UFOs:

11 July 2006

Table of Contents: Advanced Biomedical Engineering: the [sic] Aliens and the Scalpel (book)

24 June 2006

Society for Explanation of the Uninvestigated: Hidden event

14 June 2006

What do you think will happen with future research concerning UFOs?  New

4 June 2006

Have you, the host of this Website, ever seen a UFO?  New

4 June 2006

Do you believe in UFOs?  New

4 June 2006

How did you, the host of this Website, become interested in UFOs?  New

30 May 2006

In the Roswell incident, what did the U.S. Government find and what has it hidden?  Majic Eyes Only

10 October 2005

Where do UFOs come from?  link to Lansing Movie topic

15 August 2005

What Are Aliens?  Biblical references in bold face; immorality of objectives and methods

30 May 2005

Project Bluebook (unofficial archive); Leo Sprinkle's mailing address; Stan Friedman's URL

26 March 2005

Notable UFO Organizations: URL and Mailto checked and updated for each

14 March 2005

FSR Publications Ltd.: eMail addresses

8 November 2004

UFO -- Definition: Figs. 1 and 2

8 November 2004

FSR Publications Ltd.: mailing address

11 August 2004

Henry Regnery Company: Regnery Publishing, Inc.

5 August 2004

Table of Contents: PRUFOS database

5 August 2004

The Vatican on UFO: notes from interview with Michael Hesemann

5 August 2004

Oz Factor: Randles' zone of influence

5 August 2004

The Holocaust Vis-Ó-Vis UFO: Handbook of the Law of Evidence; Gary Heseltine, PRUFOS database

5 July 2004

Phoenix Lights: link to book by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.

15 June 2004

Introduction: links to DeLorme and Microsoft TerraServer Websites

12 June 2004

by Raymond E. Fowler: UFO Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee

12 June 2004

The Holocaust Vis-Ó-Vis UFO: In any court of law, first-person evidence is enough to convict

10 June 2004

Crop Circles: new documentary DVD

7 June 2004

UFO Research Coalition: Website URL added; name also added to Notable UFO Organizations

4 June 2004

Introduction: advice about splitter bars and horizontal scroll bar

4 June 2004

Distinguished Investigators and Raymond E. Fowler: Raymond E. Fowler's mailing address

4 June 2004

Distinguished Investigators: Stanton T. Friedman's Website URL; addition of James E. McDonald

4 June 2004

Advanced Biomedical Engineering: link to A & S Research Website

4 June 2004

What Are Aliens?: Phoenix bird